Snakes in Shoalhaven backyards are more common than you might think. Especially in warmer weather, snake encounters are relatively common. The thought of a snake in your backyard might not be a pleasant one, but actually, there is nothing to fear. The most important thing you can do to prepare for a snake encounter is arm yourself with knowledge. That way, you’ll be prepared instead of scared when one of these misunderstood creatures comes to visit you.

What Kind of Snakes am I Likely to See?

The four most common snakes that show up in Shoalhaven backyards are

  • Red Bellied Black Snake
  • Eastern Brown Snake
  • Tigers Snake
  • Death Adder

While the names alone are likely to instill fear amongst Shoalhaven residents, we must reiterate that there is nothing to be afraid of. Snakes are not aggressive creatures and don’t randomly attack humans. If you catch sight of a snake, it is probably just going about its normal business and won’t feel the need to defend itself unless given a good reason. So, what should you do? Keep reading to find out, and if you are interested in local snake species, you can see a comprehensive list of snakes found along the NSW South Coast here.

Useful Snake Encounter Tips

Remember, snakes are not naturally aggressive, so the best thing you can do is leave it alone. It’s important not freak out if you see a snake in your backyard. Back away slowly while keeping an eye on the snake, and then ensure children and pets stay away. Don’t try and deal with the situation yourself. Do call a qualified snake handler like Snake Aware. Only a professional will be able to make a correct identification and remove the snake safely, ensuring no harm to you or the snake. Got a snake question? Contact the leading Shoalhaven Snake Catcher today.