Shoalhaven Snake Removal

As we venture out of spring and into the summer season and with holidaymakers readying themselves for South Coast trips it is important to remain mindful that our local snakes favour this time of year also. As a professional snake catcher in the Shoalhaven region, I am beginning to be called to remove and relocate snakes on a daily basis from properties throughout the whole South Coast. Red bellied black snakes are proving to be the most frequently encountered, while diamond pythons and Death adders are also turning up in residential areas.

Why You Need a Professional Snake Catcher

Rescues can be just as stressful on the snakes as it can be on the occupants who call for our services. Recently I was called to remove a snake from a backyard pond. Upon arrival I found an adult male red bellied black snake entangled in mesh netting laid down to keep kookaburras from stealing fish from the pond! The snake had been stuck in the netting for a couple of hours and had developed some swelling in the head region and had some small lacerations due to the entanglement. Needless to say, the snake was very irritable and scared, but after successfully freeing the snake, I was relieved to see the swelling instantly start to go down. Closer observation of the lacerations revealed they were only superficial and after a quick swab with some topical ointment the red belly was released back into the bush to continue his eventful day.

Snake Safety & Awareness in the Shoalhaven

Businesses that have employees that work a majority of their days outdoors often look to have some degree of training for their staff in case of a snake encounter. I have been approached by businesses in the Shoalhaven, as well as Sydney, about my snake safety and awareness presentations. These sessions better prepare staff to administer first aid and know what to do if a snake is found on a job site. This is an exciting time as one of my passions in this job is to pass on knowledge and help people understand snakes in a positive light instead of the usual myths that surround these misunderstood animals.

Found a snake in the Shoalhaven?

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