The Shoalhaven area is known for its beautiful escarpments of bushland which are great for walking, camping and exploring. However, as many homes are located close to the Australian bush, there is a high chance that you will have an encounter with a snake, whether it be harmless, venomous or highly venomous. However, there are some savvy DIY snake prevention tricks that you can implement around your backyard to stop snakes slithering near your home.

Snake Prevention through Rock Removal

There are a range of different types of snakes that all prefer various environments. The Yellow Faced Whip Snake is venomous and is sometimes mistaken for an Eastern Brown Snake. As their natural instinct is to hunt lizards and they prefer drier landscapes, the Yellow Faced Whip Snake is likely to shelter under any rocks that are located around your home. Furthermore, the Eastern Small Eyed Snake is also a venomous reptile that lives underneath garden rocks. As this snake is small by nature, they are often difficult to spot and nest in groups. Hence, if you see one, there are potentially many more lurking about. This can be potentially dangerous, especially if you have small children who may be playing near these rocks. To prevent the potential of a fatality, give us a call for more information!

Mow Your Lawn for Snake Prevention

Snake prevention in Sussex Inlet is tricky business. This is due South Coast weather being perfect for grass growth. Long grass, as well as a snake’s camouflage capabilities means that they are impossible to see in grassy areas. Some of the snakes most commonly hidden in long grass include the Marsh snake and the White Lipped Snake. Both are venomous and are a grey / olive green colour, concealing it in paddocks and long grassed backyards. If you happen to see either of these snakes lurking through your backyard, do not hesitate to give Snake Aware a call, and we will safely and efficiently remove the snake.

Remove Bodies of Water

Bodies of water are attractive to certain types of snakes, including the Red Bellied Black Snake and the Tiger Snake. These breeds of snake are highly venomous and if you see one, you should call us immediately. Farming properties are the most susceptible to these snake breeds are they love creeks, dams and rivers. However, they may also appear on residential properties, so ensure that you keep Snake Aware’s number handy and call us if you need a snake removed!

Snake Prevention Through Snake Removal

Snake Aware’s mission to is prevent harm to both snakes and humans in Sussex Inlet by removing unwanted snakes safely and efficiently. Peter, Snake Aware’s CEO, specialises in snake catch and release and is dedicated to making your home as safe as possible. Peter is committed to environmental conservation by relocating snakes and reptiles. He also is  a specialist at rehabilitating injured snakes, giving them a full and healthy life. So if you have unwanted reptiles on your property, give snake aware a call today to ensure that the snake removed is treated with respect.