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Peter’s Story…

Owner Operator of Snake Aware, Peter, has had a lifelong passion for wildlife, especially the scaly kind! It can all be traced back to a family picnic on a summer’s day when Peter’s father caught a large blue tongue lizard and showed this amazing creature to a 4 year old Peter. It was from that moment that Peter knew this was his calling in life.

Throughout his childhood years, Peter’s bedroom was often filled with blue tongues, water dragons, turtles and tree frogs. He kept and observed these creatures, and as his passion grew stronger, he even put on shows for family and friends. Peter would talk about the general ecology of the creatures he had through knowledge gained from school library books and watching them in the bush. To his Mother’s delight, the first snake showed up at the house when he was 10 years old – a yellow faced whipped snake. Since then, snakes have become the centre point of Peter’s passion.

Peter’s Experience…

Before relocating to the South Coast, Peter was a reptile coordinator of his local branch for a volunteer wildlife society in Sydney. Throughout this time, he was actively involved in the training of others in snake catch and release, relocating unwanted snakes and other reptiles from properties, as well as rehabilitating sick and/or injured reptiles. Duties he carried out in the rehabilitation of reptiles, including venomous snakes, involved restraint for veterinary examination, bathing the animals, assist shedding, medicating (subcutaneous and intramuscular injections), force feeding, removing skin parasites and general husbandry techniques.

Peter has also been involved in other activities and completed numerous courses to enhance his knowledge and help spread the message of conservation to others. These include:


  • A casual role as a presenter displaying reptiles at shopping centres
  • Advanced python, lizard and turtle care course
  • Venomous snake and crocodile care course
  • Certificate 2 in animal studies
  • Venomous catch and release course
  • Advanced venomous snake husbandry course
  • Bachelor of science zoology (Majoring in conservation biology and general biology)
  • Fully licensed by the office of environment and heritage under the National Parks and wildlife act 1974

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