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Reptile & Snake Removal For The Shoalhaven

Did you know snakes are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 and must be removed by a licenced professional. Snake Aware is the leading snake removal service on the South Coast of NSW.  We are fully licensed and insured and have been removing snakes from residential and commercial properties for over 10 years. Reptiles are our passion. We love working with snakes and always ensure they are removed safely and relocated to an appropriate environment.

Site Inspections & Awareness Presentations

If you are worried about snakes or other reptiles on your property, we also offer site inspections. First, we will conduct an inspection of your site or property to determine sites of entry and attractants to reptiles. After this, we will implement a number of solutions to discourage snakes and other repitles from entering your premises.  We also conduct snake awareness presentations for Businesses, social clubs (bushwalkers, bird watchers, 4WD etc), and schools. Our snake awareness presentations do not involve live snakes and are therefore ideal for staff/training rooms, community halls and classrooms. The snake awareness talks run between 45 minutes to an hour and consist of a power point presentation, including short clips of snake behaviour and an interactive first aid segment.

We are based in Sussex Inlet but travel up and down the South Coast including Kiama and Batemans Bay. Contact Us to find out more about our services or the areas we cover.

If You See A Snake…

If you have find a snake in your home or in your yard it is important to follow these simple steps.

  • Stay calm
  • Keep children and pets away
  • Maintain a safe distance but try and keep your eye on the snake
  • Call Snake Aware – We are On Call 24/7

Snakes are protected under the  National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 so only a licensed operator is permitted to remove snakes. Additional fees apply for our catch and relocate service (these fees may be tax deductible for businesses etc).

Brown Snake Removal in Nowra & Shoalhaven

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Snake Aware is the leading snake removal service on the South Coast of NSW

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